This is a blog.  This is a blog created to be a space in which any and all of my thoughts can rest.  Many of these stories are fiction, some are not.  Some blogs just contain thoughts or pieces of thoughts.  Many of these thoughts are bound to insult someone, or many people.  That is certainly not my intention.  There may be political views, religious/anti-religious rants, and moral viewpoints that make their way in here.  This blog is only meant to be a space in which to communicate.  We all have the choice to read or not to read.  The same goes with commenting.  Comment, do not comment.  But think about why you’re commenting first.  I enjoy a good debate.  I will delete dogmatic anti-greg raves that are not founded in reason.

Because this is a blog, there is minimal editing, referencing, and censorship.  This should not be indicative of my writing ability or even style.  Both of these constructs change according to the context in which I write.  Certainly research papers require a higher quality of formality and attention to detail than do blogs.  There may be links included in the text leading to websites and articles to support my opinions.  Please be aware that there are always two sides (or more) to stories, particularly emotionally charged ones.  These blogs are my side.   However, if anything contained in any blog evokes a response from you, I would love to hear it.




One Response to Disclaimer

  1. LuLu LaPolice says:

    As always, I remain impressed.

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