About me huh?

So this is the space provided to allow readers an insight into who I am.  Well, it’s been a long and windy road.  At the forefront in this point of my life is school.  I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in School Psychology at the University of Rhode Island.  I am in my fourth year of this program.

Since I can remember, music has been a constant in my life.  I was raised with the Beatles’ tunes as a frequent substitute for mother’s milk.  From an early age I was inundated with great music.  Grunge, metal, and rock were staples of my diet.  From there my tastes were for heavier and faster music.  Now I prefer a heavy groove.  I appreciate all forms of music with feeling, passion, and soul – and it’s not hard to sort between those that have it and those that don’t.

I seize every opportunity to learn.  Lately I’ve been trying to learn how to write fiction.  I’ve done this mainly by reading.  One of the more frustrating aspects of life is that there is not enough time to read everything in the library.  Try as we might, we will only know a minuscule fraction of the knowledge that is available to us. In the words of the great- Kurt Cobain, “You’re not smart until you realize how stupid you are.”  Many people will read that and say, “I know” but to live it is a challenge.  Go out and lose an argument and you will see just how challenging it really is.

In sum, I am a drummer, a learner, a questioner, and hopefully a writer.  Happy reading.

Also, enjoy listening to this.



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