A Response to School Shootings: A Scenario for Hope

So here’s the scenario:

You are locked in a small, ten-by-ten room with someone that is a known murderer.  A six-foot-nine, scary looking guy with scraggly dark hair, dirty jeans, and forearms that could crush a handshake.  The whole nine. This guy is a monster.

There is one small table behind this killer.  And on that table is a knife, an assault rifle with an extended mag, and a hammer. On the wall near you is a little red button that has a good chance of reaching this person on a mental level and helping them, genuinely.

Now, the killer is frozen in time, his arms extended toward the table.  You can’t tell which weapon he’s going for but he is definitely burning with desire to kill you with one of them.

You can move just long enough to do one thing. ONE THING before he comes back into time and finishes what he’s starting.  You can take away the knife, the gun, OR the hammer: not all three.  Or you could press that red button.

So you grab the gun while the killer is still frozen thinking you’ll just shoot him first!  Great idea!  You think about pulling the trigger.


Only that’s not a gunshot.  I forgot to mention that this is the future where everything is DNA coded and these weapons are for him, not you.  In real life, in schools, you don’t have a weapon when a killer comes in.  You most likely have a sandwich or a textbook in your hand.

So the gun explodes in your hand.  With a loud, blinding flash you are left handless and even less able to defend yourself from this giant who is screaming toward you, foaming at the mouth, hammer-in-hand.  He swings the hammer wildly at your head and…

Re-wind.  Rewind back to that spot where he is frozen, with his arms extended toward the table, reaching for a weapon intended to end you.

What would you do here?

Would you take the gun away?

Would that make you feel safer?

Of course there would still be the possibility of you getting hammered to death or stabbed.  I bring this up because of all of these facebook “stats” (that people think are reliable but no one can quote a source) include hammers, knives, and other potential killing devices.

“What would you do?” you ask me, biting your fingernails in nervous indecision.

I’d press that button. Thank you for asking.

This is a School Psychology Plug! Come on people! Support school psychology! Support us so that we can learn how to press that button!  Support us so we can develop psychological screening tools for at-risk school children.

Help us find and reach out to these troubled kids before they turn from “troubled individual” to “murderer,” at which point it’s too late.  Because at this point someone is dead and someone is a killer.

I believe all of this energy surrounding gun control and legislation would be better spent finding out how to reach these people before they become murderers and before our children are murdered!

I’m not saying gun control wouldn’t help. I don’t know if it would. I can’t predict the future of a choice that hasn’t even been made. I’m just saying that I know school psychologists can help! We can learn how to screen the students, identify potential threats, and get them the help they need!

Prevent! Don’t just react!

Peace to all and to all a deep-green bottle of Jameson.

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4 Responses to A Response to School Shootings: A Scenario for Hope

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  2. pritush says:

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